1. Know yourself. There is no solace found in mass production. Even though it is comforting to know we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings, wants and needs, we also want an avenue to express our distinction. With the rise of fast fashion and fast everything, we become numb to our own likes and dislikes. It is so easy to become the doppelgänger of our favorite influencer and we are left feeling insecure and disingenuous. ACFYS is here to fight against this. Through small runs of our products, we hope to give you something you can call your own. We make things to cherish. We follow intuition and are mindful of every detail. We embrace imperfection, even lean into it. ACFYS has a goal to give everyone the experience of finding a one of a kind object, that moves you in an unexplainable way. Something you love just because. You will not like everything we produce, that is not the point. We strive to produce one thing that you love and acts as a constant reminder to dictate who you are.

2. Tell stories. ACFYS believes stories are what give us strength and grab our imagination. We want to make things that tell our stories. That hold the scars and imperfections we collect along the way. We don’t make products to be precious about. If something breaks, mend it. Now it encapsulates a story and becomes yours.

3. Do good. ACFYS “saves the world for the next generation”. We vow to live responsibly and take the actions necessary to preserve our favorite places. We are not a greenwashed company. We do not virtue signal for profit. To learn more about our philosophy and what we do, read below, check out our blog, read the FAQ page, and follow us on social media.


    Since the consumer has become more conscious about environmental and societal issues, I have watched companies come out of the woodwork to talk about how they don’t use XYZ or how they are sustainable this, or fair trade that. How they align with this cause or are charitable to this other. I find it hard to believe that established companies after years and years of seemingly not giving a fuck, all of a sudden have CEOs and CFOs and founders that have seen the light, and their bottom line is no longer of the utmost importance. Granted a percentage may very well have, but most seem disingenuous, cheap, foolish in their efforts, lining their pockets with the facade of good will. I emphasize the word facade. To me, in most cases, either these companies are truly doing all the things they say they are doing but for the promise of financial prosperity (which for the majority I find it hard to believe, because, ya know, profit margins) or they are cleverly framing the actions of the company in a way that would give the impression of benevolence. Of course, you may say, okay so what is wrong with that? Why does it matter their motivations if the changes they are making have a positive impact? Well, here is why. Have you ever had a person do something for you, but you knew it was only because they expected something in return? Ever seen someone give to charity, but then broadcast it to the world? Did it put a good or bad taste in your mouth? Sound familiar? I don’t know about other countries, but here in the US, a business is a legal entity, considered as a person, given a EIN number that is the equivalent of a social security number. With that being said, I treat this business as such, a person. Is this person someone I would want to know? Are they dependable? Can I trust them? Are they genuine in their action? Do they not deceive me? I believe it is a moral imperative to create a business and run a business with all of these questions in mind. To make sure the “person” created is all the things you would wish for in a human. Is your business human? Does it make mistakes? And is it the type of person to learn from those mistakes, take feedback, always have its hand on the pulse? To strive to be the best it can and do its best for others? ACFYS is something I obviously want to make a living off of, but more importantly I want it to have a positive impact, whether that be through acts of charity, educational efforts, or being conscious of its own environmental and societal impact. I start this company not out of greed or as some elaborate plan to make all the money in the world. I promise to never market ideas and values just because it is more profitable. I haven’t always been the best person, the most considerate, the most morally sound. I, like all of us, have done things I am not proud of, and things that have landed me in situations I at the time wished I wasn’t in. The older I have gotten the more and more I have worked on myself, a never-ending pursuit. I can say now that I am at a place where I am happy with the person I have become. All the things I had to learn, the things I had to unlearn, the mistakes I had to analyze. I just want this “person” I have created to be one that truly cares. That you would be proud to call your friend.

All the love,
Zach Novak

A Coalition for your Sea, A Cool Fuzzy Yarmulke Store, Alimony Controls Father's Yearly Savings? It can stand for whatever you want it to stand for...

...but the real answer is A Cult for your Son. The name alludes to our efforts to save the world for the next generation. This company is for everyone, NOT just your son, but since I have a son, I named it that way.

The name also comes from the idea that anything outside of the ordinary is considered divisive and weird in our times. ACFYS is a “cult” of people who want to reclaim their individuality and not follow the seasons, influencers, and our increasingly digital life. Those that want a house that doesn’t look like it’s sponsored by Target or Home Goods. Those that want to celebrate their individuality and genuine taste. What do you like because you just like it? This “cult” is unapologetic. We create what we create. Love us or hate us, we won’t change for you, I can promise you that.

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